Spring AOP Recipies

Overview Spring AOP is a power tool to help you separate the cross-cutting concern from your main logic. This post provides some recipes to help you get started quickly with AOP. The annotations Here is a quick introduction to the annotations you can use in AOP: Annotation Description @Before Executes before the advised method is … Read more

Configure Jenkins With Caddy

Overview Recently, for some strange reasons, my Jenkins told me that my reversed proxy setup was broken. I use Caddy (to get automatic SSL) and forward all requests to a Jenkins docker instance running on my home machine. If you want more details, this post provides: https://www.jenkins.io/doc/book/system-administration/reverse-proxy-configuration-troubleshooting/ Correct Jenkins & Caddy Configuration If you need … Read more

Guide to The SOLID Principles In Java

Overview If you don’t have much time, this table captures the core of the SOLID principles: Principle Description Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) Clients should not be forced to depend on interfaces they do not use. This principle promotes the idea of small, focused interfaces instead of large, monolithic interfaces. Clients should only be exposed to … Read more