Running PNPM With WebStorm


By default, webstorm doesn’t support running PNPM out of the box. The default mode supports node only. However, with some simple configurations, you can click on the run or the debug button and run your app with pnpm.

Let’s get started.

Configure PNPM to run with WebStorm

First of all, you need to find where pnpm is installed. On Mac or linux, you can run:

which pnpm

The result is something like this:

Now, let’s head over to WebStorm and configure your run configuration:

configure pnpm for angular project

Here, the command is start since I’m working on an Angular project. If you are working on Vuejs, the command would be serve.

The most important thing here is to paste the full path to pnpm in the Node interpreter box.

Now click on OK and you can run your app with webstorm buttons:


In this post, I’ve shown you how to setup webstorm to run pnpm instead of npm.

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