• May 21, 2022

Ubuntu package management cheat sheet

Most used commands (copy directly from the man page) To remove a package To install a package List installed packages Search an installed package To remove mulitple packages using regex wildcard: For example, you want to remove all php related packages on your system, you can do like this: You’ll see messages like these: It…

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Install Kubernetes Cluster With Kubeadm On Ubuntu Step By Step

I’ve been trying installing a Kubernetes cluster for while following the official documentation without any success. It turned out the official documentation was missing some important steps (or they put the missing steps else where I couldn’t find). Anyways, if you are struggling to get a Kubernetes up and running, this step by step tutorial…

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How To Set Static IP To VirtualBox VM

Set static IP for VirtualBox VM so you can ping from host and other VM in less than 5 minutes

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