Configure Jenkins With Caddy

Overview Recently, for some strange reasons, my Jenkins told me that my reversed proxy setup was broken. I use Caddy (to get automatic SSL) and forward all requests to a Jenkins docker instance running on my home machine. If you want more details, this post provides: Correct Jenkins & Caddy Configuration If you need … Read more

How to add docker client to Jenkins

There are times when you need to build docker images inside Jenkins. Well, actually that is a common practice nowadays. However, without setting up the docker client properly, you might now be able to do so. When running Jenkins without docker client, you may encounter errors like this: This post’s only purpose is to help … Read more

Basic setups for working with Kubernetes

When working with kubernetes (maybe in a CKA exam), you work with terminal most of the time. Configuring the environment properly is vital to save you time. Here are things I do first when entering a new environment (Kubernetes Playground | Katacoda, for example). Enable bash completion Honestly, I don’t use this much. However, occasionally, … Read more