Centralized Logging with Spring Boot and MongoDB using Logback

Introduction As applications grow in complexity and scale, traditional file-based logging can become difficult to manage and analyze. Logging to an external source offers a scalable, queryable, and centralized logging solution. This approach enables better log data analysis and aggregation, providing insights into application performance and helping quickly diagnose issues. In this post, I will … Read more

Mastering Advanced Logback Configurations in Spring Boot

Introduction In previous posts, we introduced logging fundamentals in Spring Boot and covered basic and intermediate configurations for console and file logging. As we delve deeper into the realm of logging, this post focuses on advanced Logback configurations to address complex logging requirements. We’ll explore configuring sophisticated rolling policies, filtering logs, and integrating with external … Read more

Configuring Basic Logging in Spring Boot

Introduction In our previous post, we introduced the fundamentals of logging in Spring Boot, covering why logging is crucial and the basics of logging levels. Now, we take a step further to explore how to customize your logging configuration. Spring Boot provides a flexible logging framework that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs, … Read more

Logging Fundamentals in Spring Boot

Introduction Logging is an essential aspect of software development, providing insights into what’s happening inside an application running in development or production. Effective logging practices help developers diagnose issues, understand application behavior, and improve performance. Spring Boot simplifies the logging process, allowing developers to focus more on building features rather than configuring logging infrastructure. This … Read more

Configure Spring Logging To Elasticsearch

Configure Spring Logging To Elasticsearch

Overview In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to configure Spring logging to Elasticsearch so you can search, visualize and do many useful things with your log. Things that you cannot do by looking at the console output. Let’s get started. Create ELK stack using Docker Compose If you don’t have Elasticsearch running … Read more

Spring Boot Commandline Runner Tutorial

Spring Boot Commandline Runner Tutorial

Overview There are times you need to do some start-up work when your Spring application launch. One of the methods is to use the CommandlineRunner interface. In this post, I’m going to show you how to use this interface to run startup tasks with flexibility. Let’s get started. Meet the CommandlineRunner interface The CommandlineRunner interface … Read more