Running PNPM With WebStorm

Overview By default, webstorm doesn’t support running PNPM out of the box. The default mode supports node only. However, with some simple configurations, you can click on the run or the debug button and run your app with pnpm. Let’s get started. Configure PNPM to run with WebStorm First of all, you need to find … Read more

AWS Step Functions Overview

AWS Step Functions Overview AWS Step Functions is a serverless orchestration service that enables you to coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows. Workflow Orchestration Step Functions allows you to build visual workflows to automate processes, orchestrate microservices, and create data and machine learning pipelines. It helps developers use AWS services to build distributed applications … Read more

Working With Currency Data In Java

Overview Working with currency data in Java involves several key aspects: conversion rates, formatting, rounding, and arithmetic operations. This article will guide you through handling these aspects effectively in Java, ensuring accurate and reliable financial applications. Conversion Rates To handle currency conversion, you can use external APIs like the ExchangeRate-API. This API allows you to … Read more