• May 21, 2022

Using SecondaryTable For Flexible Database Design (With example)

Let’s consider an example. You have been working on a website selling phones since 2000. In early 2000, there wasn’t any smartphone so you may created an object Phone like this: I’m using lombok (in case you find @Data strange). So, back in 2000s, phones were simple like that. However, with the appearance of smartphone.…

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Setting and Getting Custom Properties In Quarkus

Often time, when creating web application, you need to set some values in application settings and later, pull such values to display to users. One of the most prevalent examples is the application’s name and/or application’s version. I’ll show you how to set such values in the app and later, display them in an example…

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How To Return File Download In JAX-RS Application

When developing JAX-RS applications, most of the time, you return JSON to the client. However, there are times you need to return file download. For example, your client may require that when an user access a certain URL, the application must prompt a save file dialog. If you have trouble with this requirement, look no…

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