• May 21, 2022

Fix Angular 404 on reload Nginx

To keep it short, here is the code you need to replace in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf You may want to update server_name to your domain name if you are not deploying in docker. Otherwise, this config works with docker. Give it a try, you’ll see that the 404 page is gone when you refresh your site.

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Integrate Keycloak With Spring Boot Step by Step

Need help configure keycloak with spring boot? This is what you need.

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Ubuntu package management cheat sheet

Most used commands (copy directly from the man page) To remove a package To install a package List installed packages Search an installed package To remove mulitple packages using regex wildcard: For example, you want to remove all php related packages on your system, you can do like this: You’ll see messages like these: It…

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