• May 21, 2022

[Java Concurrency] 02: Runnable

One of the methods to run tasks in multiple thead is to pass Runnable instance to thread and call that start() method. Runnable is a Functional interface that has only one method that returns void. If you prefer the lambda syntax, you can write the above code like so: However, for tasks with more than…

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[Java Concurrency] 01: Thread & Process

What is a thread? Thread is the smallest execution unit that can be schedule by the operating system. A process is a running program. When you start a program, you create a process.In one process, there can be more than one thread. Threads in a process share an environment created by the process. System vs…

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Configure HAProxy to Accept Preflight Requests

Recently I developed an API with Spring Boot. All the tests on the local environment went well with Postman. However, when deploying to prod through HAProxy, I got this error: There are also other errors regarding missing headers, origin… There are some solutions available, such as add code to my Spring Boot code base. I…

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