• May 21, 2022

JavaFX Starter Project – Quickly create and run

JavaFX is a great tool to quickly deploy desktop applications. However, the setup is always a pain for me, especially after JDK8, you need to download JavaFX SDK separately. I create this JavaFX starter project to help myself and people who want to start working with JavaFX without going through the pain of setting up.…

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Configure SSO Server With Keycloak, HAProxy & Docker

Keycloak is quite a nice tool to handle user authentication and authorization. Both Keycloak and HAProxy are free so you can easily setup an authenication & authorization server very quickly and free (hosting is not free though :)). With the help of Docker, it will take a few minutes (less than 10) for you to…

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EJB Events Tutorial With Quarkus Example

Using events to pass messages in EJB can be a useful tool to simplify your business logic. Let’s learn how to fire and listen to events in EJB with an example. Create and listen to simple EJB events Let’s imagine that we have just opened a store and when someone visits our shop, we will…

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