Affinity and Antiaffinity in Kubernetes simplified

Studying Affinity and AntiAffinity can be challenging due to the length of the official documentation. This post is not intended to replace the official docs but to provide a bird’s-eye view of the structure. Some takeaways: affinity is a sub section of pod’s spec The diagram as follow: The full diagram as follow: Please ignore … Read more

Creating Kubernetes Replication Controller in 5 Minutes

Let’s look at the following diagram to create Kubernetes Replication Controller: What to remember when creating ReplicationController apiVersion: v1 You can define number of replicas, selector and template under spec spec->template has its own spec section along side metadata You specify containers’ related attributes under template‘s spec Create ReplicationController YAML file example Đạt TrầnI build … Read more

Install Kubernetes Cluster With Kubeadm On Ubuntu Step By Step

I’ve been trying installing a Kubernetes cluster for while following the official documentation without any success. It turned out the official documentation was missing some important steps (or they put the missing steps else where I couldn’t find). Anyways, if you are struggling to get a Kubernetes up and running, this step by step tutorial … Read more