MongoDB Index Tutorial

MongoDB Index fundamentals If you have ever worked with any database (SQL or NoSQL), you probably know that the purpose of creating indexes is to speed up the queries at the cost of create/update/delete operations. MongoDB is no exception. MongoDB uses B-Tree as indexes’ data structure. This data structure offers fast queries. However, since the … Read more

MongoDB Aggregation Framework Cheat Sheet

Importing sample data This post is a quick introduction to the MongoDB Aggregation Framework. It’s a part of a mini-series called Mongo DB Cheatsheets To follow the tutorial, you need to import the following data: This sample is a list of 5 rich people from two families. The data contains their net worth and their … Read more

MongoDB Basic CRUD Cheat Sheet

If you have been doing software development for some time, you’d probably know what CRUD is. CRUD stands for CREATE-READ-UPDATE-DELETE. Those are the day to day task we do on databases, regardless of their types. Let’s get started by using a new database. As you may remember from the previous post, there is no “create” … Read more