Create API to Upload Images To Aws S3

Overview It’s 2023 and nobody is storing files on their server anymore. There are many choices available. For me, I choose AWS S3 since I have it and it’s one of the cheapest available (as far as I know). In this post, we are going to configure a bucket and then write an API to … Read more

Develop the API (CRUD Wallet, Transaction)

Overview With all the setup done, let’s focus on making our app. The main purpose of the app is to let the user track their income and expenses. You’ve probably come through apps like this many times. We can spend the whole day listing all possible features an app like this can have. However, for … Read more

DoubleConsumer vs Consumer

Overview One of the biggest questions I have when studying the functional interfaces in java.util.function is why the creators made DoubleConsumer (LongConsumer, IntConsumer) while there is already a Consumer interface that can handle any kind of object. It turned out, they have solid reason to do so. Boxing, unboxing, autoboxing primer As you may already … Read more

Java Predicate & BiPredicate Tutorial

Overview The predicate interfaces in the java.util.function package return a boolean given one or some arguments. The primary purpose of the Predicate interface is to simplify the task of evaluating conditions or tests within your Java applications. It abstracts the process of writing conditional statements and allows you to represent complex conditions as reusable, composable … Read more